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Run down a few things before you try to get the best optimized price for your air journey!

Choose Advance Booking always

A plan to book at least 7 to 8 weeks prior to travel dates can fetch you the lowest ticket prices. However, there are chances that you may miss out on the sale offers with drastic price slash often offered by air carriers. If you want to save on air travel, it is more prudent to book at a gap of 8 weeks prior to travel dates to cash on the ticket savings up to 10%. Recent research studies have proved that flyers choose a 40-day period for booking their tickets for gaining the maximum strategic advantage of paying low.

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Though many airline companies release their offers and deals throughout the day, most of the offer tickets are primarily released early, and are stock out by evening.

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is usually a great time to buy tickets. Timings after 3 pm will be preferable for the purpose of getting low priced tickets on a comparative basis. On the contrary, many prefer weekends as the best bet for tickets purchase, while others believe that weekdays are the best suited for airline deals. Though this is a popular belief, there are no facts that state a certain time or day is assured to win low pricing for airfares.

Cheapest of the Weekdays to Fly?

Wednesdays seem to ride high as the popular option for cheap deals. However, the demand is lesser for Wednesday and hence the prices drop which is possibly the most suited explanation for the price drop in tickets. It is found from recent studies that Tuesdays and Saturdays also have a tendency to display cheap flights.

Travel as early as you can for the day

The morning flights anywhere between 4 to 7 am are generally cheap. Post which, lunch or after dinner hours record a lower price in flight tickets.

Cross check with low cost airlines before booking

It will always be favorable to individually check all the airline websites for ticket price comparison. Ensure that factors like baggage-check chargeand other similar factors are not added as charges that indirectly hike the cost of air fares.

The inevitable customer relationship build

Being a member of the frequent-flyer program or a simple tie up of the credit card tied to the airline, will automatically give way to leg up on other air travelers. Not to mention the perks that Credit cards tied to the airlines, offer like discount flights, priority boarding, seat selection, free checked bags and other utilities. Frequent flyers ought to sign up for frequent flyer program, if they are tied to a particular airline. Customer Reviews

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Cheap flights to Santa Ana

Cheap Flights to Santa Ana

Found in Southern California, Santa Ana has been a location that many people choose to visit for various reasons. However like any other part of the US you need to understand what you are getting involved in. this is the most densely populated city in the Orange County so when you arrive you can be sure to find yourself in a pretty busy place!

That being the case, you’ll also find that Santa Ana is a location that, regardless of when you arrive, has lots of nice things to do and see. That does not mean, though, that strategically buying cheap flights to Santa Ana is not worth your time. It just helps to know what you are about to get involved in!

If you aren’t sure when arriving here would be best for you, this is the place to get that information.

When’s the Best Time to Fly?

Well, it all depends on who you are and what you enjoy in life. The best time to fly to Santa Ana from a cultural point of view would probably be June-September. This is when you get warm and dry months with high temperatures as large as 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This is maybe a little too warm for some, so be sure to look around and decide if this really is the best time to fly.

Also, remember that during these months the local kids are off school – this means that pricing is going to fly up as stores charge parents looking to entertain unruly children. This will also mean that flight prices will have gone up a little at this time of year, so take that into account when trying to make any call as to when you should arrive.

If you do bring kids, though, you should take them to the Santa Anna zoo. This is a great recreational activity that ensures you will be able to enjoy a small part of the Amazon rainforest here. It’s even got a children’s zoo section where your kids can interact with some of nature’s coolest friends.

The worst time to fly, though, might be the same time! If you want to enjoy a cooler time with less activity around you and less expensive prices, come here during May or September. This tends to give you the nicest of the weather whilst also letting you enjoy the tranquillity of kids still being at school. It also means that whilst you might not get the cheap flights to Santa Anna, you’ll get the easiest time.

Should I Fly to Santa Ana?

The main thing to consider is what you want to do when you get here. Getting around is easy so travel constraints won’t be a problem – instead, you have to look out for finding things to do. Santa Anna is loaded with lots of fun little activities such as the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, exhibits that showcase some amazing artwork and artefacts from indigenous tribes. You’ll also find places like the Howe-Waffle House which shows you some awesome Victorian architecture at its best.

If you are looking to get cheap flights to Santa Anna then you should book in advance, as it can be quite a hectic place to try and visit at many points during the year. Booking in advance can help you save money on tickets for everything from flights to cultural exhibitions.

Another thing to consider is the time you want to arrive at – if you want to come during the colder months then December to March is probably the best time to get cheap flights to Santa Anna. You also need to consider that rainfall occurs from November-April fairly regularly, so take that into account if rain puts you off travelling around too much.


The last thing to consider, then, is what kind of price you are willing to pay. If you want to be here for a fair price and have lots of money left over for actual activities then the colder winter months makes the perfect time to arrive here. Just be sure to make your decision well in advance, as booking tickets will help you save money for the trip! 

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